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Engredea Hosted VIP

What is the VIP Program?

Whether you are a sourcing specialist or a marketer leading a product development and innovation team, if you are a primary influencer on new product concept and development, we invite you to participate in the Engredea Hosted VIP Program.

At Engredea, we provide concierge style service and coordinate meetings for VIP attendees. Designed to guarantee the attendance of top level decision makers from consumer products manufacturers, the VIP program fosters a productive business atmosphere where the development of high-value relationships and sales cycles are accelerated; both attendees and exhibitors benefit.

By offering critical sourcing and formulation guidance throughout the year, our Engredea VIP program provides engagement beyond the trade expo. Our Engagement Director continually consults key participants related to their product development and sourcing requirements, prior to and post trade show.

If accepted, you will have a targeted opportunity to meet one on one with industry professionals whose needs meet yours.

VIP Application

...I can't say enough about the service. I got things done.

Elliott Balbert, CEO

How does it work?

As a member of the Engredea Hosted VIP Program you will be:

  • Matched with exhibiting suppliers who are aligned with your buying needs.
  • Have a base on the show‐floor with private reserved meeting rooms.
  • Provided concierge service, guiding you directly to the select suppliers with whom you have pre‐scheduled appointments, maximizing your time and the value of the show.
  • Up to a three-night complimentary hotel stay, adjacent to the Anaheim Convention Center.
  • Complimentary airfare available.
  • Proved dedicated 1‐on‐1 time with editors of Functional Ingredients and/or Nutrition Business Journal.

This is such a GREAT program for us PD [product development] folks. Thanks again for all your help

Kathleen Dunn, Director Scientific Affairs and Product Development

How do I participate in the Engredea VIP Program?

The Program is open to decision makers from companies that purchase ingredients and technologies represented at Engredea and that meet a set of criteria. If you influence purchasing and formulation directly, and you are focused on innovation, operations, product marketing, R&D or purchasing for a CPG company or large natural products company within the food, beverage, supplement or health and beauty you are a perfect candidate.

The VIP program really works, I maximized my experience and got allot more out of the show.

Drew Grumhaus, VP Operations

How do I qualify?

Please complete the Hosted VIP application form

Qualifying criteria that are considered include (but are not limited to):

  • Your individual purchasing authority
  • Annual purchasing budget
  • Your influence on business growth
  • Your overarching strategic role in new product development and innovation
  • You are responsible for direct ingredient sourcing
  • You are an R&D leader directing product formulation
  • You are a product marketer that drives new product concept and development

For more information please contact Francine Schoenwetter, Engagement Director 303.998.9504

Apply Today

We had a very good experience with you and your connections. THANK YOU! We have already had more follow-up.

Barbara Vass, Director Marketing

The industry‐leading suppliers at Engredea have been vetted by the New Hope Standards Department to help ensure your purchases and connections represent the highest quality standards in the industry. No other live event can offer you this. Our suppliers can detail the science, distribution and market potential of ingredients that can help you introduce and manage your next big product launch.

Let us help you make your next product a success as we guide you through Engredea.

Testimony from a client:

...All of our meetings there were a success, with either follow-up meetings at the [customer's] headquarters or them flying down to visit [our] offices. Even more, such personal time is a rare opportunity; with thousands of people everywhere and hundreds of booths to get too, harnessing that rare moment was amazing.