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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you define if a product is new?

We have not defined “new” in relation to the NEXTY Awards since we believe older products that have not yet gained general recognition in the natural products industry may still be worthy of this award. While filling out the nomination form, you will be asked to fill in the product's launch date, however, so this information will be available to the judges.

Should I submit a product line or a single flavor/variety of a product for a NEXTY?

A single product line should be submitted, however, we ask that you send no more than 3 flavors for the judges to consider during judging. For example: A company has two product lines: a high-protein milk in five flavors AND organic high-protein milk in five flavors. If they wanted to enter both of these product lines for a NEXTY award, this would count as two separate nominations. The company can send up to 3 of the flavors in each product line for the judges to evaluate.

If we have multiple flavors/varieties in a single product line, should I send all flavors for the judges to evaluate?

You can send up to three flavors of the same product line. If you have more than three flavors, please select the three that best represent your product line and send only those.

Do products need to be on retail shelves before they can be nominated for a NEXTY Award?

You can nominate a product that you are preparing to launch just prior to or at the 2018 Natural Products Expo West & Engredea.

Do I need to send a sample of the product for judging purposes?

Yes, send 1 product sample (per nomination) for judging analysis to arrive in the New Hope Network office (5541 Central Ave, Suite 150, Boulder, CO, 80301) before January 26, 2018.

What if my product is too large to mail (a full-size grill, for example)?

In the case that your product is extremely large and too difficult to mail for judging, please send any relevant product photos and/or product sheets that will assist the judges in making their decisions.

Can I enter the same product in more than one category?

Yes, you can enter the same product/product line in more than one category. There is no limitation on how many categories you can submit a product within, however, every new category requires a new nomination. For example:

A company has a new line of organic vegan yogurts for kids. This product could be entered in any of the follow categories (or in several or all of them): Best New Organic Food, Best New Snack, Best New Special Diet Food, and Best New Natural Kid's Product.

How much does it cost to nominate a product?

For first-time exhibitors, the first nomination is $95.

For returning exhibitors (if you have exhibited at any Natural Products Expos in the past), the first nomination is $195.

Any additional nominations (for new and returning exhibitors) cost $95 each.

Can my same product win a NEXTY Award if it has already won a NEXTY?

Your product cannot win a NEXTY Award in the same category that it has already won, however, it is eligible to be considered in different categories.

What types of products qualify as a Best New Packaged Food?

This category is for typical center-aisle foods that would not be considered a snack or beverage, such as whole grains, cereals, meal helpers, canned or packaged vegetables or beans, cheese or other dairy/non-dairy food products, soups, pastas and bread products.

For the Best New Packaging category, are you looking for redesigned packages?

In this category, we are looking for packaging that displays innovation, whether the packaging produces less waste or is more sustainable, helps tell a brand/product story, displays product qualities in a unique way or introduces an original way to package a product.

What are you looking for in the Best New Ingredient category?

This category is for the supply-side ingredient suppliers and exhibitors at Engredea at Expo West every March. We are looking for ingredients that display innovation and inspiration for manufacturers and those that help meet a special need or make healthy products possible. This category is only open for the NEXTY Awards that are given out at Expo West and Engredea (not at Expo East).

Do you have any ingredient guidelines?

Yes, your product will need to meet New Hope Network's Ingredient Standards & Guidelines, which are the same standards and guidelines in place at Natural Products Expos and Engredea. The New Hope Network Standards team will evaluate product prior to the judging process and remove any products that do not meet our standards for ingredients and efficacy.