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Nominate your product in any of the first 22 categories. A product may be submitted in more than one category, but will require a separate nomination form for each category submission. Good luck!

  1. Best New Organic Food
  2. Best New Organic Beverage
  3. Best New Beverage (non-organic)
  4. Best New Pantry Food (staple foods, center aisle foods)
  5. Best New Frozen Product (not sweet)
  6. Best New Meat, Dairy or Animal-Based Product (animal-based food/bev)
  7. Best New Meat Alternative or Dairy Alternative (plant-based food/bev)
  8. Best New Sweet Snack
  9. Best New Savory or Salty Snack
  10. Best New Special Diet Food (gluten free, vegan, paleo, etc)
  11. Best New Ingredient
  12. Best New Condiment
  13. Best New Sweet or Dessert (frozen or non-frozen)
  14. Best New Beauty Product (non-supplement)
  15. Best New Supplement
  16. Best Condition-Specific Supplement
  17. Best Supplement Delivery Format
  18. Best New Natural Living Product (includes natural products for the home or pets)
  19. Best New Natural Kid’s Product (food, beverage, supplement or personal care product made for kids)
  20. Best New Packaging Innovation (sustainable materials, reduces packaging, unique/clever packaging)
  21. Best New Transparently Sourced Product (these products display exemplary standards, innovation or traceability through supply chain)
  22. Best New Mission-Based Product (these products encourage healthy living and industry growth through initiatives that support regeneration, farmers, employees, environment, organizations and/or communities in need)
  23. Editor’s Choice Award (the winners in this category will be chosen and announced by New Hope editors at Expo West & Engredea 2018)